22 Strain


The 22 Strain is a very special pheno. She’ll grow to be a fast mainstay in your backyard, as she is a solid Sativa hybrid. These marijuana seeds may have a very upfront and incredibly strong aroma with a piney/floral taste and smell that occasionally can be hot on the nose regular into the Jack Herer cross. The yields will be very big and you expect 3-400 grams a sqr mtr with a blooming time of 70 days.

22 cannabis breed by Cali Connection is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s a pungently floral walnut and haze odor that’s similar to the flavor, but with a spicy finish. Extraction artists will love this high-terpene strain, which also happens to be packed with cannabinoids. Ideal for daytime use.

22 is found in a very special batch of OG Jack Herer cross which Cali Connection created. Every infusion that we’ve made with it was incredible, she’s an extract artists’ favored that yields very well, exceptionally quick flowering time 60-70 days to get a Jack Herer phenotype. She’s been increased to herself that is why she now has a 22 badge. Her flavor will be more of a floral/pine/haze undertone having an incredible room odor, very much like the flavor. Yield is very large due to the Jack Herer and blossom time is extremely fast

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