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Largest US-based database of cannabis genetics with competitive comparison pricing.

Simple Hemp offers growers, farmers, and makers the ability to research select and purchase cannabis strains that fit their needs: CBD heavy, high THC, auto, photosensitive, indoor, and outdoor strains. This alone is not a novel approach but we do it all by the individual companies that offer their strains and display their pricing. This is the first point of research to make sure consumers are getting the best prices.

We also offer our Business Listing section that we showcase local and national companies based on their needs on the industry needs. This is done on a Google Map overlay so users can easily search what is down the street or across the country. While many databases are focused on the end products (flower and biomass), our goal and focus is on the farmers and growers. We offer the opportunity via membership to list products and services as well as new and used equipment.

With paid user memberships users have access to data and research that non-members are not privy too. From industry analysis, social media style postings and conversations to news feed that aggregates news from across the US with more to come.  

With the continued legalization of cannabis, CBD, Hemp, and THC products it moves the industry from the dark rooms and back allies into a multi-billion dollar industry with the sophistication of any fortune 500 company.  

We have advertising and sponsorship packages available to fit any budget.

Claim Your listing

Only $30 monthly or $300 for 12 months

  • Direct contact with leads
  • Change your images
  • Control business listing
  • Change your business offer
  • Offers in multiple locations
  • Sell your new and used equipment

People especially farmers and growers like to deal with their local people first (especially Texas). This is why we offer multiple areas and ways to search for services and/or products. People can find local products and services locally first and expand out from there. Whether it’s down the street or across the country we’ll get your business seen.

Page Sponsorship 

$200 monthly or $500 for 3 months

Sponsoring a page gets max visibility on your ad or message. These are the main pages where everything is displayed.

Placement on main pages like genetics search pages, product search pages, and listings page. 300 x 250 standard web ad with a link to the website.

1 blog post/share a month.

Access to Business Listing


genetic Sponsorship 

We offer 2 options to sponsor genetics.


Option 1: $20 per genetic

Receive ad space in the description of the item + premium placement in the pricing lists.

Option 2: $10 per genetic

You receive premium placement on the top of the list in bold lettering.

Market Data and intelligence

Contact for pricing

We constantly have programs that are looking in major search engines and on 1000’s of sites for new products, services, news and pricing. This gives us a HUGE amount of data that we process. We can only display a fraction of the info we capture. This same data can also give you a competitive edge. Companies use this data to generate insights from sales and text data to forecast trends and gather insights to drive strategy and change.



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