AK-47 Strain


The AK-47 strain is just as desirable as most other popular cannabis strains. It comes in the crossing of strains of South American, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani. That is why it resulted in a hybrid that is a dominant kind of Sativa. AK-47 is indeed a great breed owing to its THC amounts of 14 to 18 percent. Lime-green fan leaves extend along branches behind crystal-soaked floral clusters home into honey-caramel-colored pistils.

Its aroma and flavor are extreme, with notes of exotic timber, citrus, and spices. The powerful and long-term impact it provides starts with a solid cerebral top that turns more physically relaxing later on. It is the best breed to have a fantastic time with friends or on your own.
The result is an easy-to-grow cannabis hybrid that features bumper crops in the blink of an eye. AK-47 cannabis seeds develop excellent medium-sized marijuana plants that yield thick and resinous buds with such a powerful scent the usage of anti-odor filters becomes highly necessary.
It has so far continuously been gaining popularity. It is also better at maintaining it until this day. This is connected to its fantastic blend, excellent taste profile, and adaptability. This also won several awards that include the High Times Cannabis Cup.

This easy to grow plant is among the most popular. It is of medium height and produces good yields quite quickly. The AK-47 strain has an extremely STRONG odor and smoke. Take additional care for odor control when growing near neighbors. The AK-47 title was given not out of any violent notion but much more connected with the”one-hit wonder”.

Breeders of all levels will fall in love with the high-quality end product AK-47 cannabis seeds provide in this short time. Growing well both indoors and outside, it responds exceptionally well to SOG and SCROG farming methods.

Taste and aroma are intense, with notes of exotic wood, citrus, and spices. The firm, long-lasting effects start with an intense cerebral high, which later has more relaxed physical effects. The AK-47 strain is perfect for a good time with friends, alone, an evening on the town, or a weekend away from home.

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