Amnesia Haze Strain


Amnesia Haze strains are a massive yielding, Haze dominant hybrid that’s prepared to chop in only 70 days. She’ll grow aggressively and blossom expressing her full-blooded Sativa heritage, so is better suited for growers with experience and plenty of growing space. Amnesia Haze strains effectiveness can hit up to 22 percent THC. We strongly advise this strain to farmers living in a hot climate climbing outdoors, where this auto-flowering hybrid will take off at height and produce enormous returns. Also for indoor, for growers who are looking for big productive plants.

She will glisten with trichomes and toss out large-sized bright orange hairy pistils, and during the last weeks before harvest, will frost out, covering all surrounding leaves. Once prepared to crop, this lady is going to have a tall and chunky look.

Upon smoking, users will probably feel focused and highly motivated, nevertheless energized feeling will later switch to some more lethargic, relaxed mindset that is perfect for boosting the inner philosopher. Perfect for musicians, writers, reading, gambling, or simply hanging out at home with friends.

I believe it is safe to say that the original Amnesia is among the very successful Sativa dominant cannabis breeds ever to be developed and I have no doubt Amnesia Haze strains will follow in big sister’s footsteps in no time.

Though smaller than her big sister, this well-balanced beauty gets the same fabulous traits, the same sweet Sativa flavor, generous resin production, and magnificent flower yields from the first Amnesia are beautifully preserved in Amnesia Haze strains.

During flowering, the lady’s buds are large and dense; significance when flowering includes staking and plant life service to prevent branches from hanging down due to excessive production.

Some plants may grow as tall as 150cm, meaning First Auto Amnesia Haze is one of those taller auto-flowering breeds out there. She will develop with ample spacing between her internodes, and over the flowering period, will develop a bushy, nevertheless tall growth structure typical of a Sativa dominant breed.

Although her name may suggest otherwise, The Amnesia Haze strains are among those beauties you definitely will never forget once you’ve met her. Her potency, brilliant effect, stunning appearance, and capacity to produce high yields compared to other auto-flower strains will surely not be forgotten easily.

The buds from Amnesia Haze strains are much more condensed than standard haze types, and they can be described as thick, with hard calyxes packed together. Capped in resin using bright reddish hairs, her structure is both chunky and large-sized. The odor is a mixture of citrus, orange, and tangerine that has a floral background.

Using techniques like L.S.T, or Sea of Green are suggested to get the most out of this monster manufacturer.

This auto-flowering strain is a good choice for growers that have experience with challenging Sativa and Haze varieties and a Fantastic Comprehension of plant coaching.

In a soil, coco, or hydroponics setup, Amnesia Haze strains will outperform many other auto-flower versions. Besides that, she has a reputation of doing well outdoors. A milder climate (Mediterranean) would be ideal, but she’ll also do great during a beautiful summer in a less favorable environment.

An exceptional blend of citrus with floral overtones on the inhale turns into a deeper, citrus dominant taste. Original auto Amnesia Haze delivers a long-lasting flavor that tastes identical to her odor, which is exactly what makes her everyone’s new favorite Haze.

Enjoy Amnesia Haze strain in all her glory and even though it may be challenging with a strain like Amnesia Haze but don’t forget to drop by in due time to share your experience with the rest of the planet!