Amnesia Lemon Strain


Amnesia Lemon strains are widely known to a lot of strain enthusiasts. It has become the product of this crossing of its parent breeds — the Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze. This is perfect to use for its 17 to 21 THC levels. This is sure to bring zest in your life. This is also notable because of its fresh lemon odor. This can mask a dank earthiness of that inherent Skunk and Haze aromatics. What is more, it may uplift the human body’s buzz experience.

The Skunk #1 pheno crossed together with our award-winning Amnesia Haze was always going to be a winner. That unmistakable Amnesia flavor combined with the strength and durability of Skunk #1.

The dominant high is Sativa, but amazingly, some of the Amnesia Lemon strain has a flowering cycle of just 9 to 10 weeks. The plant carries off aggressively from seed and requires minimal grow time until its flowering phase starts. The plant grows medium-high and provides long powerful colas, giving another lemon flavor and flavor, with an uplifting and cerebral top.

It may take at least nine and a maximum of ten weeks to get Amnesia Lemon to produce a flower. Its earthy and pungent flavor makes it likable from the meaning that it also comes with sharp and robust lemon zest. It can also be harvested in the early to the middle area of October, which leaves you like that strain.

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