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Uncovering the Hidden Antibiotic Potential of Cannabis

Cannabinoids’ antimicrobial activity is one of their most pronounced features and keeps finding applications in major aspects of our lives , often giving conventional methods a run for their money. In that spirit, scientists investigated how cannabinoids stack up...

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Is New York Ready To Legalize Cannabis?

Will The Big Apple Go Legal This Year? This past year has not only been a wild ride for marijuana stocks but the cannabis industry as a whole. Back in 2020, we saw pot stocks face a downtrend in march. Then shortly after many marijuana stocks began to recover. Source:...

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Amid COVID-19, Edibles Increased in Popularity

When the novel coronavirus initially hit, cannabis dispensaries saw record sales in multiple states. While the numbers eventually flattened—COVID-19 changed the industry in ways we would have never predicted. For example, through social distancing measures,...

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Which Lights Will Help Your Growing Plants Thrive?

Did you know that lux, lumens, and PAR all measure the same visible spectrum of light? It’s true that they go about it in different ways, but nonetheless they measure the same visible range of light. It can get confusing, but the thing is, plants don’t care about only...

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FREE Webinar – Mexico in Cannabis

Register HERE ! Mexico will soon be the largest country in the world to legalize cannabis and now is the time to start preparing for that. Join Harris Bricken, in partnership with Mexico-based law firm, Lawgic, for a FREE hour-long webinar on Thursday, January 28th,...

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New York Governor Again Calls for Cannabis Legalization

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is again calling for cannabis legalization this year, with plans to announce his proposal Jan. 6 as part of his upcoming State of the State agenda, according to the Independent Tribune . This is Cuomo’s third attempt in three years to...

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