Atlant CBD by VIP Seeds is a CBD-rich, Sativa-dominant hybrid created especially for medicinal users. The strain contains only tiny amounts of THC, so you can dose without getting high. Up to 21% of therapeutically valuable CBD makes the strain a good choice if you need help treating depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and many other health conditions.

Atlant CBD only contains trace amounts of THC (0.5–0.6%), which means she doesn’t make you high; in fact, she delivers no psychoactive effect at all. This way, medicinal users can dose CBD at any time of the day without worrying that it will interrupt their daily life. All the same, Atlant CBD delivers the full-spectrum of benefits of CBD-rich whole plant therapy, and she does it with an awesome Sativa flavor that makes smoking or vaping a sensuous experience.

Atlant CBD by VIP Seeds is a great hybrid that is ideal for medicinal users and those who prefer to enjoy cannabis without a high. She’s exceptionally rich in CBD, offering great therapeutic value, but with no side effects.

Type: Feminized seeds
Genetic Parents: Unknown
Flowering time: 60-65 days
Yield: 300-550 gr/m²
THC: 0.2 – 0.5%
CBD: 15 – 21%

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