Blackberry Kush Strain


Blackberry Kush strains are an automatic cross between Dutch Passion original Blueberry and a dark-colored resinous Kush hash-plant chosen in our gene bank. AutoBlackberry Kush was introduced to give a top excellent indica with a heavy-hitting stone together with a new fruity Kush taste.

The original Blackberry Kush strain is a very popular and sought after traditional cannabis variety dating back into the late 1980s, early 1990s. She is still a coffee shop favorite decades following her debut. Additionally, Blueberry genetics have been the foundation for the creation of many new cannabis strains worldwide. Auto Blackberry Kush is a plant that remains fairly compact. She doesn’t grow very tall and frequently develops with a thick and solid main blossom. Her side buds do not stretch very far from the main blossom that creates this strain very intriguing for a SOG installation.

Even her side blossoms produce thick compact buds that may carry quite a bit of weight without sagging. Using its 10-week life cycle this is one of the quicker autoflower breeds in our group. Her plant construction can be described as very streamlined. The internodal distance is modest and the leaves are often broad and thick. She has the appearance of a genuine old school Afghan hash.

The result is powerful and soothing, perfect for unwinding for a long time.

The outcome is an automatic hybrid that combines the excellent flavor and aromatic properties of Blueberry and the Kush seeds’ effectiveness.
Vehicle Blackberry Kush cannabis seed allows you to grow the auto-flowering variant of Blackberry Kush, famous for its sensory attributes, among other people. It’s a wonderful tiny grass plant with purplish hues that produces compact, deliciously scented buds.

Blackberry Kush strain creates good plants indoors. Outdoors, it grows best in tropical, subtropical climates and in the pleasant atmosphere of a greenhouse. Resistant to mold and pests, it’s advisable to provide it a typical diet.

The Blueberry strain may slightly, but not always, dominate the Kush characteristics giving a sweeter and fruity influence together with the powerful earthy indica contribution in the Kush. Auto BlackberryKush grows vigorously with a strong main blossom and many side branches average of an indica autofem. The majority of plants will show color in the leaves/buds in harvest; occasionally, the hard and compact buds can develop particularly dark colors.

Blackberry Kush is just one of our bestsellers and a long-time client favorite. She is an Indica-dominant autoflower strain created by crossing Dutch Passion’s original Blueberry plus a dark-colored, very powerful Hash plant. This breed is well known for the excellent quality buds which it can produce in a very brief time period. From seed to harvest takes approximately ten weeks.

The auto versions of Blackberry Kush strains typically reach around 0.75 – 1 meter and is ready to harvest about 10 weeks after germination when grown on a 20/4 light cycle. AutoBlackberry Kush will interest growers wanting premium superior genetics capable of delivering extra sticky XL harvests using a very strong body stone. Visually beautiful automatic Blueberry Kush produces top-quality effects together with fantastic taste and aroma. A superb new auto which has everything, highly recommended.

All these Indica dominant auto flower seeds offer a wonderfully relaxed Kush effect. You can anticipate a very strong body rock that will persist for a long time. The high starts with a solid sense of euphoria and slowly changes into a more soothing and relaxed feeling. The result is more physical than mental. It is the perfect selection to relax in the day. If you smoke enough, she has a strong couch-lock and can help you get a good night’s sleep.