Blue Cheese Strain


The Blue Cheese strain is produced from the cross involving UK Cheese and Blueberry; Blue Cheese strains are an excellent option if you’re following a super tasty cannabis strain. Contemplating her parents, she’s that irresistible flavor for sure. Taking a couple of tokes won’t ever be harmful, considering she conveys just 14-18percent THC. Her parents possess these scents that entangle an individual with cheese, berry, and aromatic notes.

The pungent scents coming out of their Skunk lineage will also be noticeable. Blue Cheese inherited all these. Thus, she could be an ideal edible to your favorites; make sure it pops, brownies, or cakes. Your meals will be so flavorful. Can be grown indoors or outside, but she will be more effective when cultivated outside. Her yields are fantastic to get an indica. A huge thanks for her genetics. Blue Cheese is a feminized cannabis seed having an unbelievable overall quality: simple to develop, heavy-yielding, and a flavor on everybody’s lips. And we are pleased to say the outcome could not be better: an Indica-dominant hybrid which far surpasses our expectations.

Throughout the developing process, she’s a gorgeous, bright plant and, once picked, ” she awakens all perceptions in a way nobody expected. So much so that individuals who meet her do not wish to let her move…

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Blue Cheese Strain