Blue Dream Strain


Blue Dream Strains have resulted in a blend of indica and sativa consequences. Many users experience a fast start of the mild mental stimulation which may transform into a robust and deep complete relaxation. Regardless of this, Blue Dream strains are your perfect daytime strain because she gets you but leaves you practical enough. Thus, you may be active, motivated, and social after taking your last toke. The result is accompanied with the subtle notes of walnut, herbal, and grassy aromas for both odor and taste.

Blue Dream is among the hottest cannabis breeds employed by both medicinal and recreational users. She became famous for numerous reasons. Aside from being exceptional, she’s well known for her unbelievable potency, influence, and curative value.
Quick Buds’ breeders shot the first and united it with our very own genetics to generate a world-class autoflower Blue Object’M atic breed that tastes and smells, the same as the first with an additional citrus twist. Blue Dream’Matic seeds create’true blue’ budding system crops that provide a euphoric, relaxing and inspiring high. We have only improved over the initial genetics, that this 2017 autoflower generation remains true to the Blue Fantasy classic with higher THC, very low CBDsweet, sweet, earthy notes in early expansion, later linked with a sharp berry aroma. Our Blue Fantasy Automobile version additionally conveys a citrusy odor that is the key to its own super-charged consequences. Big, long, compact buds would be the signature plants developed from those BDM seeds. It spreads its branches broad and much more of a giant predator than a tree– and also the Blue Fantasy’M atic return can net around 300g per plant in only 9 weeks. No little harvest thinking about the cost of those modern wonders.
Blue Fantasy develops in a gorgeous medium-sized/big high quality plant using a watertight structure that yields lots of streamlined and resinous buds.

Obviously, Sativa is beginning with a cerebrally strong high that evolves into a nice physical comfort. Given its curative properties, Blue Fantasy is adored by medical cannabis consumers: it is ideal for easing muscle strain and for treating insomnia.

But she is able to grow taller when grown outside. More to the point, she is able to yield greater than you may be expecting. Cultivating her is indeed rewarding.

The outcome is a highly recognized Californian hybrid that’s famed for its fine fruity flavor, its earthy traces as well as its bluish colors.

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Blue Dream