Girl Scout Cookie Strain


Having high THC levels, Girl Scout Cookie strains (GSC) creates a practical happy, euphoric high. This long-lasting high may result in periods of comfort and simply just watching the world go by. This is a prevalent breed with medical patients because of the high THC levels and long-lasting effects. GSC is an enjoyable candy smoke with tastes of brown spice and sugar. Having a sweet yet somewhat musky flavor, Girl Scout Cookies strains have a unique flavor and aroma you will adore.

Girl Scout Cookie strains are an extremely slow to medium grower, she’ll have to get tipped or topped to create out her branch. Girl Scout Cookie strains clone nicely. Auto Girl Scout Cookies breed seeds may grow in just about any environment as the autoflower breed uses the ruderalis cannabis plant because of its auto-flowering temperament. Considering that the development times are radically shorter with autoflower types, it’s very important to pay particular attention to your crops through vegetation since they won’t have sufficient time to recuperate from disease or illness. When these plants seldom reach over 2-3 feet in elevation, the foliage may become rather thick, so don’t hesitate to prune the reduced fan leaves off in order to divert energy into these magnificent developing colas. Ideally, these women would really like to reside in the Mediterranean (would not we all?), and they flourish with comparatively low humidity and feedings of magnesium and calcium to guarantee growth is not stunted. Auto Girl Scout Cookies strains breed USA is subjected to colder weather through the night; you have to relish the beauty of the purple shade that the plant requires on. Having a solid earthy and sweet general odor, Girl Scout Cookies also take notes of vanilla, peppermint and chocolate, filling the space with nice aromas and leaving traces of spices such as nutmeg once it hits the atmosphere.