New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reintroduced a measure to legalize recreational cannabis in the state in an announcement on Twitter . Governor Cuomo’s latest proposal would fall under the state’s upcoming budget package, giving his office more control over regulation. “I’m announcing a proposal to legalize cannabis and create an equitable adult-use cannabis program in NYS,” Cuomo tweeted on January 6. “This program will generate much-needed revenue, while allowing us to support those that have been most harmed by decades of failed cannabis prohibition.” The legislation would create a new Office of Cannabis Management, making it in charge of the current medical cannabis program as well as a new regulation allowing all adults over 21 to legally purchase cannabis for recreational use. “I think this should have been passed years ago,” Governor Cuomo said during a video briefing, as reported in The New York Times .

Source: Governor Andrew Cuomo Reintroduces Recreational Cannabis Bill in New York