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We offer memberships to companies, manufacturers, processing labs, and farmers. As well as support services like fertilizer suppliers. agronomists, harvesters/dryers, and seed suppliers. You get all the same benefits as a business sponsor but this gives you a way to get involved. 



We give each member a profile to customize and add your own personal touch. Include interests and business bios so that other members can friend, follow and interact.


With profiles you can search for similar interests and business to ask advice and see what is happening in the industry. There are public community groups and private groups to interact with. 

O Broker Fees

Post your materials, services and goods for free. Sell, make connections, and you see fit all without somebody in the middle collecting fees.


Much of the industry is word of mouth. We gather that gained experience and knowledge in one place to share with each other. Want to know about a farmer, a seed company, agronomist or a lab? Now you can see their profile and other interactions people have had. 


Inside our hemp marketplace you can post not only your harvest, seed and finished products but also services or farm equipment. Looking for quality lighting? Need to post your old tractor or seeding machine? Here is the place to do it!

Knowledge Transfer

Inside our groups we collect information that others have and need. This is all to bring the industry up as a whole. Interested in types of seeds, precision ag, how to start seeds, how to dry or trim? We have a collection to get you started and keep you learning.

Hemp Help

We will still offer help and support for facilitating buying transactions, growing assistance and to make connections for companies to buy and sell.  We want to make these the exceptions and not the norms.

Info Access

Sometime seen we will be shutting off the pricing and free access to information. Being a member you will always have access to all the information. 

Wish List & Current Development Items

Curated News

Developing a way to give you one source to go for information from a host of other sites. This way you can quickly get the info you need and want.

Market Info

We have access to a lot of data. We are trying to develop a way to share the info with our members, like the entire list of every hemp manufacturing company or retail store. 

Market Analysis

Developing a method to perform analysis of what is out there by product and what is being sold. This way you can make the needed strategy decisions like pricing, and timing. 

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