OG Kush Strain


OG Kush strains are among the most famous cannabis strains ever. It was first introduced in Florida that conquered the total United States West Coast. It is a great descendant of Headband, Girl Scout Cookies, and the mythical Bubba Kush. The OG Kush Fast Version has a distinct terpene profile, combining the odor of skunk and fuel, which characterizes OG Kush strain’s origin. Based on OG Kush strains mysterious lineage, this breed is said to be a descendant of both Thai Lemon, Chemdawg, and Old World Paki Kush with a strong Hindu Kush influence.

This bud is a conventional feminized seed using a quicker flowering period. It cut the overall growth cycle for up to fourteen days. It’s a hot and citrusy flavor and aroma, providing a sweet rush, fast uplifting the mood. As your brain clears up, it offers a sense of happiness with an upbeat feeling. Consumers report doing tasks more enjoyable and manageable.

OG Kush strain seeds are a must in the catalog of almost any self-respecting seed bank. She’s not only among the most asked strains in California and, so, in the entire world, but also the winner of the ‘Best strain of times’ title issued from the cannabis bible High Times. In view of such amazing attributes have been determined to create the best OG Kush ever. OG Kush’s taste, potency, and popularity were overly distinctive and exquisite, not to put all our energy and resources to the process. That’s why our group of breeders chose to create our OG Kush by crossing two elite genetics: the exotic Lemon Thai as well as the legendary Chemdawg. The result is a cannabis plant with quite extreme and complex organoleptic nuances that many describe as”lemon-scented floor-cleaner with BBQ ashes” with a very potent high caused by her nearly 25 percent THC content.

OG Kush strains are a mythical SoCal strain; this is the basic principle against which all the remaining strains are compared. Intense gas and Lemon Cleaner taste, high THC, and lots of crystals, this is the one you will discover in Californian top places, where people pay ridiculous amounts of money to get the” Original Gangster” flavor.

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