Old Glory


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Old Glory – 2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company By combining the strain favorites from the East Coast and West Coast we created an all new OG we call Old Glory! She Commands the room to attention with her gassy and loud terpenes, there is no hiding this strain. Old Glory is a new American OG for the world to enjoy. She reacts well to topping, her yields are high, and she is resistant to mold and PM. The smell of this hybrid is a pleasant combination of fruit and diesel. The flavor is rich and complex much like all the Chemdog crosses. Old glory has hints of tropical fruit, diesel and the cookie tones from the Animal Cookie. The effects are typical Sativa and effects are a nice euphoric, uplifting, powerful and long-lasting experience. She is a very potent beautiful medicinal cultivar worthy of being called Old Glory; The American OG $10