Variation Title Short Description Price
QAnon – 2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company Hold the fake news and all the social media propaganda! Get Ready for the Great Awakening! While we wait and enjoy the show, here is a beautiful cultivar ready to medicate the masses. Be vigilant during these tough times. Do not to give up and keep fighting for the truth. This strain is real and will not deceive you! American made by true American veterans to help support the cause. This plant is very strong structurally and resistant to the elements. The flowers are absolutely stunning showing beautiful green and purple colors. She Grows at a nice pace and her yields are impressive. The smells and aromas are revolutionary to say the least. The effects are high and consistent, this is an all-around pure medical strain. Make America Grow Again #MAGA “When we go one, we go all!” #WWG1WGA $10