The Grape Goudini


Variation Title Short Description Price
The Grape Goudini – 2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company The Grape Goudini is a Beautiful and Masterful cultivar bred to unlock the prison of the mind! The Grape Goudini is a beautiful Indica cultivar that grows short to medium in height at a decent pace that keeps you in control. Recommended for advanced growers, she is a very balanced Cultivar in timing, strength and resistance to the elements. Purple! Purple! Read all about it!  A purple Star, The Purple colors this girl gives off are Spectacular. Mouthwatering, she smells and tastes of grape candy. The Indica traits passed down to the Grape Goundini make her the key to unlock your mental prison inside your brain. Houdini was an Escape Artist and master of his craft. Master this cultivar and set yourself free! $10