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War Trophy – 2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company Imagine if a legendary crew of US Army Ranger Infantryman were on patrol. While on their daily missions and patrols, they were also pheno hunting Afghanistan’s and Pakistan’s elite landrace, commercially farmed and grown lots? Ladies and gentlemen the PIR has landed! Seeds sourced directly off specially selected plants right off the battlefield. It is very hard to get access to the most exclusive and protected gardens in any country, none the less the war-torn birthplace of the Indica plant. The more dangerous regions typically had the nicest and most dank cultivars. The Afghan land race plants are the crown jewel of the Indica broadleaf medicine producing cultivars, they grow very strong and perform perfectly. We wanted the best, so we fought our asses off for it. War Trophy is a very pure line in our selection of War Trophy we used only the loudest, meanest, vigorous and sweetest smelling purple phenos we could find. Outstanding results all around. War Trophy is strong enough to carry a farm on her back. As with all Afghan land race cultivars she prefers a dryer climate and no rain. War Trophy excels and will perform indoor perfectly. She is a beautifully hunted purple Afghan line. She smokes like a dream, she is potent and full of flavor. War trophy is being retooled in America to make her more capable of growing in a full spectrum of growing conditions and operations. A War Trophy for America to enjoy! $10