Wedding Cake Strain


The Wedding Cake strain is covered with delicious sugar crystals like a fine cake and enjoys a very frosty reputation and is the perfect complement to the Autoflowering Cali Collection. This plant, which has increased resistance to bugs and stress, does not disappoint with its increased strength, as shown in Skywalker OG.

As Indica dominates 65% of the buds, this plant has a very close knot distance and with 750 gr / m2 the taste is easily accessible. After only a few weeks on the plant, weighty buds that shimmer like jewels in the light begin to take shape. This bright, grape-flavored giant flower is packed tightly and harvested with a high dose of THC, which has yet to be tested. The bright clusters, spiced with huge flowers, take shape slowly and perfectly.

Wedding Cake is a plant that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation but be careful because excessive consumption can send you on an unstoppable journey into the depths of relaxation and slumber. Wedding cake exudes a sweet, sweet taste with a strong hint of sweet chocolate and is one of the strongest varieties of this plant worldwide.

It blooms for 8 weeks and has incredible flowers in violet and pink tones, and yields are amazing. Growers will be delighted by the bright, luminous resin, bright green flowers, and the amazing aroma and taste of this plant.

Wedding cakes have a relaxing, happy, and creative effect, and this family line radiates the same kind of love and happiness as the traditional wedding cake. Enjoy the euphoric power of pleasant relaxation, let go and begin an unforgettable journey to the land of joy.

Wedding Cake Tribe, the most popular wedding cake in the world, is available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

The wedding cake was chosen because it was the seed of unconventional genetics, originally created by the original creators of the Boy Scout cookie, Cherry Pie, and her husband John. Wedding cake inherits much of its power by crossing cherry pie and bringing it into the same family as her sister.

The eight-week blooming of the wedding cake meant that this time we could get our hands on it and wave the flower super fast. The strain is named because it was suffocated by THC crystals in the first eight weeks of life, just like the cake.

We can expect a solid monster return of approx. The outdoor harvest will be in September when we will be ready to decide which magnificent animal-plant to grow.

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