White Widow Strain


White Widow strains were feminized by White Label and get the thick sweet smoke, which will pick up a heavy hammer and bring you back to the very first time you visited Amsterdam!

White Widow strains are an ideal descendant of this strain, which has made Amsterdam’s coffee shop industry what it is today.

The mythical White Widow strains have now met a CBD parent producing plants using CBD: THC ratios of 1:1. The taste stays predominantly the same as the White Widow with a gentle stone that does not last too long. Plants are ready to harvest in only nine weeks from seed, and yields are high so expect to get approximately 500 gr/m2 of sparkling buds in record time. Great for appetite stimulation, muscular pain, and sleep disorders.
She’s been quite popular for many years due to her fast-finishing, good yield, not to mention the incredibly fat resin-covered buds.

White Widow strains breed is a fast strain that offers excellent yields both indoors and outdoors in about nine weeks from germination. A wonder like her, together with her complete dark-green body covered in resinous nugs and brownish pistils, is hard to discover. Perfect for rookies in addition to extraction lovers.

White Widow strains showcase very intense tastes called musky, spicy, earthy, and candy. A complex and unique flavor that old-school lovers will adore.

The impacts of this White Widow strain are clear-headed. A great strain to get your brain going. In the event you exceed the dosage recommended, you may dive into a deep state of relaxation.

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