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Winnimussett Wild – 2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company This plant is being bred under our American Land Race Project. This plant has been grown and tested at a very select location in America. Our goal is for this plant to be grown outside with minimal care and will attest the elements, bugs and mold. This plant has been bred with 100% organic and native methods. Nearly wild grown and naturally bee pollinated. This pant has grown while attesting the elements, Only the strong survive! We are loving the results that we are getting from this plant it is some of our highest yield ever of the finest American cannabis ever created. This cultivar has a significant amount of variation due to the breeding that is being done. If you are looking for a low maintenance plant that can be grown outdoor or indoor, with amazing smells as well as helping with pain, anxiety and overall mood enhancement then look no further! Winnimussett Wild is for bred for the harsh climate of New England but will excel globally! $10